July 7, 2015

SALT Report: July 2015

State and Local Tax updates in Illinois and Wisconsin.   Read more >>>
July 6, 2015

Chip Card Compliance Should be on Your Radar

The familiar swiping of the credit card may soon be a thing of the past. Credit card technology is changing, with enhanced security resulting in better protection for all of us. This change doesn’t just affect consumers, though. Business owners must be in compliance when customers come with new chip and PIN cards. Find out what you need to know to be ready for the transition.   Read more >>>
July 6, 2015

Tip Credit: Getting Credit where Credit is Due

Many restaurants and bars are eligible to receive - but are not using – the tip credit. This could be a significant credit for even small business owners. Take the necessary steps to understand your responsibilities for tip reporting, as well as for educating your employees.   Read more >>>
July 6, 2015

Building or remodeling your restaurant? Do you want to reduce your federal tax liability?

If you answered yes to these questions, a cost segregation study may be right for you. Many restaurant and small business property owners use this evaluation as a strategic tax planning tool. Learn how our cost segregation professionals can help impact your bottom line.   Read more >>>
July 6, 2015

Finding Answers Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

In your role as a business leader, you face a number of challenges daily. Finding the information you need to guide your business successfully shouldn’t be one of them. Schenck has resources to help you start a business or enhance an existing one. Learn how long you should keep records, understand the forms required when adding employees and more.   Read more >>>
June 22, 2015

Overcoming the Challenges of Seasonal Employment

Finding good seasonal employees is a challenge for any employer. Consider these approaches to find the best people who will come back year after year.   Read more >>>
June 22, 2015

Tax Deferred Exchanges in Theory

Property owners may want to consider a property trade – rather than a property sale – to receive tax deferred benefits. Learn how this may be an option for you.   Read more >>>
June 22, 2015

Dig into sales tax laws for landscaping services

Property construction bids often includes landscaping services. Did you know these services can sometimes be considered a taxable charge?   Read more >>>
June 17, 2015

Tax Central Alert: Matching program instituted for unclaimed property

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR) recently announced a new matching program to locate the rightful owners of unclaimed property. Beginning June 15, 2015, you could receive a notice from the state with a check attached or with instructions on how to file a claim if the state is holding your property.     Read more >>>
June 15, 2015

Trucking companies targeted with questionnaire

Several trucking companies have recently received a Business Activities Questionnaire from the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. We’ve seen an overall increase in the number of other states requesting this information as well. The questionnaire is a tool used to determine the business activities that are being conducted in that state – and ultimately identifies companies for which nexus have been created.   Read more >>>
July 2015

Sage 100 ERP Breakfast-N-Learn Series (July 2015)

At our Breakfast-N-Learn on Tuesday, July 14, we will be reviewing Visual Process Flows and Business Insights Explorer.   Read more >>>
August 2015

Sales & Use Tax–How is Your Business Impacted?

Are you calculating your sales & use tax (SUT) liabilities correctly? SUT rules are complex in any type of business, and it can be difficult to know how to apply general rules to your unique situation. Join the Ozaukee County Chambers Of Commerce, Ozaukee Economic Development and Schenck for Sales & Use Tax–How is Your Business Impacted? for tips and guidance to help you stay current and in compliance.   Read more >>>
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