January 19, 2015

To Avoid Re-Filing, Make Sure Company Names and Account Numbers Are Accurate on Your Informational Returns

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue (WDOR) requires account numbers and employers’ names to match WDOR records on informational returns (Forms W-2 and 1099-MISC). If the information on your forms does not match WDOR records, the forms will be rejected and will need to be corrected and re-submitted.   Read more >>>
January 8, 2015

Investment & Economic Update - December 31, 2014

The Economy: U.S. economy gathers strength...The Stock Market: Another rewarding year for stock investors...The Bond Market: Could 2015 be the year of interest rate increases?     Read more >>>
January 7, 2015

Separate Compensation Issues from Family Issues

While compensation is an emotional topic for all of us, it is definitely something that can trigger issues within a family business. It is an area where many business families find it difficult to set aside their personal and family values to focus on the principles of running a good business.   Read more >>>
January 7, 2015

A Policy Helps Employees Use Social Media Wisely

Social media has had a tremendous impact on how we interact and engage with others. To protect your company and your employees, it’s critical that you educate your employees about social media, put a formal social media policy in place, and familiarize them with the policy.   Read more >>>
January 7, 2015

How to Read Your Form W-2

When comparing your last paycheck stub to your Form W-2, things could look “just not right!” After checking that your name, address, and Social Security Number are correct on your Form W-2, here are some of the other things you’ll want to double-check.   Read more >>>
January 2, 2015

Tax Central Alert: Wisconsin Department of Revenue Issues Sales Tax Reminders for Dealerships

The purchase or lease of a motor vehicle may be offered with optional protection plans for an additional fee. When these plans protect the customer from perils outside of and unrelated to defects in the property, they are treated as insurance for Wisconsin sales and use tax purposes. Insurance is not taxable when the amount charged for insurance is separately listed on the invoice or contract that the customer receives.   Read more >>>
December 30, 2014

When Is The Right Time To Transition Your Practice?

Are you thinking about selling your dental practice? If so, it’s time to make some careful considerations, and start the early stages of transition planning with your trusted advisors.   Read more >>>
December 18, 2014

Tax Central Alert: Tax Extender Legislation To Be Signed Into Law

Congress has agreed on the extension of more than 50 tax deductions and credits that were scheduled to expire either at the end of 2013 or during 2014. Read the highlights of key provisions of interest to most taxpayers.   Read more >>>
December 16, 2014

Is Your Dental Practice Proactive or Reactive?

The best way to survive slower periods is to be proactive and plan for them. Use your software, available reports and production tracking to build in systems that will help ensure that you will not only survive, but thrive.   Read more >>>
December 16, 2014

Doctor, Are You Using Dental Disclaimers?

Often statements like “We can just keep an eye on it for now…” and “Give us a call when you’re ready…”  are used when discussing a treatment plan. The problem is, when you use this type of language you negate all the effort that has been put into educating the patient on the necessity of the treatment.   Read more >>>
February 2015

2015 Real Estate Forum – REcession to REcovery

As the real estate industry travels from REcession to REcovery, it’s time to review our recent past with an eye to the future. Join Schenck for our 2015 Real Estate Forum, designed for builders, developers, real estate investors, and professionals who support the industry.   Read more >>>
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