November 18, 2015

Understanding your options under the changing Fair Labor Standards Act rules

The U.S. Department of Labor expects to publish updated federal overtime regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in 2016. These directives outline the regulations for organizations electing to pay employees under certain exemptions, and the impact may be profound. It’s not too soon to start looking into your current pay practices and determining your options.   Read more >>>
November 17, 2015

Using Sage 100 eFiling and reporting is free!

eFiling allows you to print and “snail” mail many state and federal forms at no cost. The only time you incur fees for using eFiling is if you choose the “eFile” option instead of “Print” when prompted during the final steps of creating your form.   Read more >>>
November 17, 2015

Chip Card Compliance Should be on Your Radar

The familiar swiping of the credit card may soon be a thing of the past. Credit card technology is changing, with enhanced security resulting in better protection for all of us. This change doesn’t just affect consumers, though. Business owners must be in compliance when customers come with new chip and PIN cards. Find out what you need to know to be ready for the transition.   Read more >>>
November 16, 2015

Sage 100 period-end processing

Sage 100 period-end processing is a vitally important step in keeping your data healthy. Many modules maintain buckets of data by year (year-to-date, prior-year, etc.). These data elements are reinitialized during period-end processing.   Read more >>>
November 16, 2015

Tips and tricks – Sage 100 - How to back up company data

Sage100 has a built-in program to assist with the copying of company data to another company within Sage 100. This is especially helpful at quarter-end for copying payroll and for copying all modules at year-end to a “history” company before performing the quarter-end and year-end processing.    Read more >>>
November 16, 2015

Sage 500 ERP tips and tricks: Creating a test database

In Sage 500 ERP, it is occasionally helpful to have a test database containing your exact data to run “what if” scenarios. Test databases are often used to test major upgrades before launching them company-wide, or to test a new module or business process in a controlled environment.   Read more >>>
November 9, 2015

Ecommerce: When to collect sales tax online

Should you be collecting sales tax from customers in other states? It may be clear when you have a physical presence, such as a store or warehouse, in another location, but what about when you’re conducting business online? Determining when to collect sales tax can be tricky—and these requirements vary from state to state. Ask yourself these questions to get started.   Read more >>>
November 9, 2015

Paper copies of medical records no longer taxable

The Wisconsin Tax Appeals Commission decided sales of paper copies of patient health care records (medical records) are no longer subject to Wisconsin sales or use tax if the medical records are sold to the patient or to a person authorized by the patient to receive the medical records.   Read more >>>
November 9, 2015

7 quick tips for completing Form 1095-C

There’s been a lot of information shared about large employer Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting requirements, and completing Form 1095-C comes with its own set of challenges. Keep these quick tips in mind.   Read more >>>
November 5, 2015

SALT Report: November 2015

State and Local Tax updates in Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee and Wisconsin.   Read more >>>
December 2015

2015 Sage 100 Year-End Processing Seminar

Make sure you’re ready for year-end! Join Schenck for this year-end planning session specially designed for Sage 100 users.   Read more >>>
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