August 6, 2014

Use Banking Services to Safeguard and Improve Your Payroll Processing

The changing environment of the business workplace is pushing employers to rapidly embrace different banking services, including direct deposit reversals, positive pay and debit blockers.   Read more >>>
August 5, 2014

Tax Central Alert: Did Wisconsin Select You to Help Combat Identity Theft?

If you received an Identity Verification letter from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue after filing your tax return this year, the letter was not a scam. It means the Department of Revenue selected you to help combat identity theft. If you did not participate in the Identity Verification quiz, you likely will receive a Notice of Changes letter on Wisconsin Department of Revenue letterhead.   Read more >>>
August 5, 2014

No More Federal Unemployment Credit Reductions for Wisconsin Employers?

If Wisconsin has no outstanding unemployment loan balances to the federal government on November 10, there will be no Federal Unemployment credit reduction for Wisconsin employers for 2014.   Read more >>>
August 5, 2014

Support Your Cause by Starting a Public Nonprofit Charitable Organization

What causes are you most passionate about? The environment, children, animals, education, health? What would it take to start a nonprofit organization to support that cause?   Read more >>>
July 9, 2014

Health Care Reform Update: New Regulations Clarify Waiting Period Limits

The federal government recently published final regulations clarifying the length of health insurance waiting periods under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. These regulations are effective on August 25, 2014 and apply to employer group health plans beginning on or after January 1, 2015.   Read more >>>
July 9, 2014

Payroll Records Retention

What records do you need to keep? How long do you need to keep them? Thomas Reuters Checkpoint recently published information on proper retention periods. Here is a summary of what their Payroll Guide Newsletter advises retaining and for how long.   Read more >>>
July 9, 2014

Did You Defer Part of Your First Quarter Wisconsin Unemployment Tax Liability?

If you elected to defer part of your first quarter Wisconsin Unemployment Tax liability, you may want to schedule the balance of the deferred amount to be paid by 07/31/2014.   Read more >>>
June 30, 2014

Investment & Economic Update - June 30, 2014

The Economy: U.S. economy contracted in latest quarterly report...The Stock Market: Stocks show strength in the second quarter of 2014...The Bond Market: Bond yields move down in quarter   Read more >>>
June 26, 2014

Possible Risks – Misclassification of Tips vs. Automatic Gratuities

If you missed the change effective January 1, 2014, of classifying service charges and automatic gratuities added to your customers’ bills as wages rather than tips, you may think that the misclassification only affects Forms 941 and Form W-2. However, this change could affect other areas of your business as well.   Read more >>>
June 26, 2014

County & Stadium Taxes: Are You in Compliance?

Are the materials used in your real property construction jobs shipped to your business location first, and you bring them to the job site? If so, you may have a county use tax liability.   Read more >>>
September 2014

Sage 100 ERP Breakfast-N-Learn Series (September 2014)

At our Breakfast-N-Learn on Tuesday, September 9, we will be reviewing Accounts Receivable and Credit Card Processing.   Read more >>>
September 16, 2014

Talking but Nobody’s Listening? Nonprofit Marketing Strategies that Work

Kivi Leroux-Miller will provide marketing best practices for nonprofits. Leroux-Miller is President of Nonprofit Marketing, Author, Trainer and Advisor to Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising Professionals, Executive Directors and Boards.   Read more >>>
October 2014

Sage 100 ERP Breakfast-N-Learn Series (October 2014)

At our Breakfast-N-Learn on Tuesday, October 14, we will be reviewing the Custom Office module.   Read more >>>
November 2014

Sage 100 ERP Breakfast-N-Learn Series (November 2014)

At our Breakfast-N-Learn on Tuesday, November 11, we will be reviewing Payroll and eFiling & Reporting.   Read more >>>
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