November 17, 2014

Save Time With Sage 100 Keyboard Shortcuts

Are Sage 100 ERP data entry processes slowing you down? If you’re tired of having to constantly switch between your mouse and keyboard, you will want to keep these shortcuts in mind.   Read more >>>
November 17, 2014

Discounts Available for Sage ERP Products

Looking to enhance your Sage ERP product? There are several discounts now available.   Read more >>>
November 17, 2014

Sage 100 Period-end Processing

Sage 100 period-end processing is a vitally important step in keeping your data healthy. Many modules maintain buckets of data by year (year-to-date, prior-year, etc.). These data elements are reinitialized during period-end processing.   Read more >>>
November 17, 2014

Using Sage 100 eFiling & Reporting is free!

eFiling allows you to print and “snail” mail many state and federal forms at no cost. The only time you incur fees for using eFiling is if you choose the “eFile” option instead of “Print” when prompted during the final steps of creating your form.   Read more >>>
November 17, 2014

Tips and Tricks – Sage 100 - How to back up company data

Sage100 has a built-in program to assist with the copying of company data to another company within Sage 100. This is especially helpful at quarter-end for copying payroll and for copying all modules at year-end to a “history” company before performing the quarter-end and year-end processing.    Read more >>>
November 17, 2014

Sage 500 ERP Tips and Tricks: Creating a Test Database

In Sage 500, it is occasionally helpful to have a test database containing your exact data to run “what if” scenarios. Test databases are often used to test major upgrades before launching them company-wide, or to test a new module or business process in a controlled environment.   Read more >>>
November 13, 2014

Payroll-related Limits Announced for 2015

The Internal Revenue Service announced limitations for pension plans and other payroll-related items for tax year 2015.   Read more >>>
November 13, 2014

No FUTA Credit Reduction for Wisconsin Employers

On November 10, Wisconsin had no outstanding unemployment loans to the federal government. As a result, the 2014 FUTA rate will revert back to the standard net rate of 0.6% (6% tax less 5.4% credit).   Read more >>>
November 7, 2014

Tis the Season for Employer Holiday Parties - Caution Advised!

Many employers sponsor holiday parties or employee appreciation events during the winter months. While these are enjoyable times of camaraderie, they are not without risk.   Read more >>>
November 6, 2014

3 Sales and Use Tax Exemptions You May Have Missed

It’s nearly impossible to keep up with ever-changing sales and use tax laws. If your company’s sales and use tax procedures are out of date or misaligned with the tax requirements of the states in which you do business, you may be overpaying or placing your business at risk of a state audit.   Read more >>>
November 2014

Implementing the New Federal Grant Reforms Efficiently

Eight federal grant-making regulations have been streamlined into a single, comprehensive policy guide, called the Omni Circular, which will be effective December 26, 2014. Is your organization prepared?   Read more >>>
December 2014

Getting the Most Out of QuickBooks 2015

Are you getting the most out of your QuickBooks software? This complimentary event will get you ready for year-end and provide an update of the new features and changes within QuickBooks 2015.   Read more >>>
December 2014

2015 Sage 50 Update

Schenck invites you to attend the 2015 Sage 50 Update. This complimentary event will get you ready for year-end and provide an update of the new features or changes within the Sage 50 versions.   Read more >>>
December 2014

2014 Sage 100 Year-End Processing Seminar

Make sure you’re ready for year-end! Join Schenck for this year-end planning session specially designed for Sage 100 ERP users.   Read more >>>
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