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Timing is everything: Drop and swap transactions need extra attention

A recent ruling by the California Board of Equalization serves as a good reminder that proper planning is of utmost importance when considering a drop and swap transaction. This type of real estate transaction is often used as a tax strategy when some members of the partnership want to defer capital gains taxes while others would rather cash out and pay taxes. However, a poorly executed attempt at employing this strategy can have consequences.

New sales and use tax form for contractors

Contractors may find a newly released sales and use tax form helpful in documenting purchases of building materials for certain types of projects that may be exempt from sales and use tax. As you may know, building materials for non-profits and governments became eligible for a Wisconsin sales tax exemption effective for contracts entered into on or after January 1, 2016.

M&A Update

Considering a business transaction in your future? Take a closer look at what’s driving increases in M&A volume and pricing—and how the trends play out in the highly fragmented transportation and logistics industry.

No shirt, no shoes, no data?

The Internet of Things is creating a world where sensors are grabbing data at every turn. From your shoes to your car to your refrigerator… data is being collected on your habits and routines. So who owns that data? With countless entities that can benefit from the data being gathered, it’s critical to follow certain best practices.