2012 Wisconsin Manufacturing Industry Survey Results: Labor Skills Shortage

December 18, 2012

Schenck and Corporate Report Wisconsin partnered to conduct a state-wide survey designed to identify ideas and practical solutions to the labor shortage. We surveyed Wisconsin-based manufacturing companies for their company’s specific solutions to the manufacturing labor shortage and for their practical recommendations to alleviate it.

Not surprisingly, the results show the growth opportunities of a majority of the respondents are curbed by the skilled labor shortage. While many manufacturers have turned to employee overtime to get work out the door, others are looking to automation or customized training programs to address their needs.

In general, manufacturers want more manufacturing industry and careers awareness at the high school level. Manufacturers desire modern, up-to-date training in high schools and technical schools, including modern advanced manufacturing courses and equipment applicable to their particular manufacturing needs. In an action that’s likely related to increasing wages, nearly half the respondents are implementing more automation.

To learn more, download the full white paper/report.