Health Care

Caring for your patients. That is—and should be—your primary concern. However, it’s not that easy, is it? The reality is there are so many other concerns that factor into the daily operation of your health care organization. Complying with complex government regulations. Maximizing revenue and controlling expenses. Managing staff. Planning for your future. These are important concerns. Critical, in fact, to your success. Yet, they shouldn’t interfere with your most important concern—your patients.

Well, they don’t have to. At Schenck, we have the people who can help tend to your ongoing financial and administrative issues, while you tend to your patients.

More than just CPAs and business consultants, our people know health care.  

With hundreds of health care clients, our specialists are very familiar with your industry. Whether you’re concerned about the latest Medicare twist, patient confidentiality under HIPAA, accounts receivable, adding a partner or turning the practice over to a successor, or simply the day-to-to day operations of a busy practice, our people have the practical knowledge to keep your organization in tip-top health. Schenck's health care team can help you with:

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