Unusual accounts payable transactions can indicate potential errors or misappropriation. Finding them can be tricky. Let us simplify it for you.

With numerous electronic transactions occurring at any given moment, combined with managing multiple vendor relationships, monitoring accounts payable transactions for red flags is critical. A simple accounts payable analysis can provide the information you need to alert you to any unusual activities.

When you’re dealing with a high volume of accounts payable activities, you need to ensure accurate procedures, authorized withdrawals and complete transactions. Safeguard your transaction processing and protect yourself from potentially fraudulent activities with an accounts payable analysis from Schenck.

With a confidential download of your data into our software tool, our specialists are proficient in evaluating a plethora of data to:

  • Identify missed discount opportunities, such as taking advantage of extended terms
  • Identify changes in vendor trends, such as an increase in payments to certain vendors over a period of time
  • Compare vendor addresses against employee addresses
  • Identify duplicate or above-average payments to identify potentially fraudulent disbursements
  • Summarize debit memos, helping to identify potential control lapses in the payables process