A strong, independent audit or review can keep you compliant. But you deserve more than just a report.

You want the right information to make the best decisions to help your business grow. When you’re ready to move beyond compliance to value-added insight and recommendations, contact the team at Schenck.

You expect reliable, high quality work and an accurate report with your assurance services. We provide that and beyond. As your partner, we analyze complex issues to make recommendations for you to run more efficiently and profitably.

We understand your business environment and support your needs, designing our procedures around them.

Our team members stay up to date on the latest accounting and reporting issues, so you can be confident knowing your team has the expertise and experience to address changes that may impact your business. We’re here to provide ideas, share best practices, make introductions and help you grow your business throughout the year.

Most assurance clients also turn to us for their tax planning and compliance needs. With a large team of tax specialists, we have the resources to help you successfully minimize your tax burden. Our audit and tax professionals work closely together so that your tax team is aware of your business activities throughout the year, and as a result can identify savings opportunities and other strategies that may benefit you.

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