Growing. Expanding. Reinventing. Change is inevitable.

Taking your business to the next level may be your goal, but you need a clear vision to get there. That vision serves as your beacon as you continuously improve and leverage your strengths. Yet it takes more than just a good strategy and savvy financial planning to get there. Schenck’s strategic advisors can help you chart the complete course.

When it’s time for a substantial transformation to your company, consider the long-term goals for your business, your family and yourself. That includes preparing for a smooth cultural transition and then communicating effectively to ensure employees are comfortable with the impending changes.

Whether you’re in growth mode or transitioning to a new generation, you need an advisor who understands the importance of sustaining your business in the long term. A partner who can help direct you when it seems all you have are questions. What are your personal goals and are they aligned with the business goals? What are the roles and responsibilities of those in management? Have you developed a strategic plan and are you following it?

Becoming a strategic organization

We can help you step back to decide what roles are needed to move your business forward and match the right people with the right roles. When there are trust issues at stake, having an outside perspective can alleviate tension and create open, clear lines of communication. Our strategic advisors have an average of 15 years of experience leading businesses through strategic transitions. Our unique understanding of family systems and human relations brings a holistic perspective to your transition needs.

Putting your vision into operation

Look to Schenck to help you with:

  • Formally articulating the vision for your business and then making sure everyone understands it
  • Preparing future leaders for roles that play to their strengths and developing the skills they will need to lead
  • Guiding your strategies so you can achieve your transition goals as you navigate difficult choices and maximize opportunities
  • Using an estate plan to transfer future wealth to the next generation
  • Creating a strategy to share your knowledge, wisdom and vision with future leaders
  • Strengthening and supporting family relationships with a team approach to navigating obstacles