Have you had a chart audit? Now may be the time. We provide the chart audit, documentation education and coding resources you need.

Everyone, from government agencies to insurance carriers, scrutinizes physician documentation. Coding and billing incorrectly can be disastrous—and fines can be steep. At Schenck, we recognize the difficulties medical practices face in keeping pace with the most current regulations and guidelines. Whatever your medical specialty, our experienced medical chart auditors can help your practice stay ahead of these challenges.

Chart audit

Ensure your coding and billing practices are in compliance—and that you're getting paid for all the services you perform. We evaluate your documentation and assess your overall coding and billing practices for compliance and accuracy, using both the 1995 and 1997 Physician Documentation Guidelines. Schenck’s chart auditors will review your medical records for:

  • Appropriate diagnosis codes, verifying that documentation supports the procedures performed and are coded correctly
  • Accurate CPT and ICD-10 codes, following CMS coding policies and guidelines and ensuring accuracy in levels of Evaluation and Management services
  • Applicable modifiers
  • NCCI bundling issues
  • Missed coding and billing opportunities
  • Documentation integrity for compliance, including insufficient documentation and documentation risk factors
  • Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement policies
  • Physician and mid-level utilization studies for Evaluation and Management profiling and benchmarking
  • Potential issues identified during the audit, including professional advice for implementing corrective measures

Provider and staff education and training

Schenck’s auditors can develop educational programs to meet your practice needs. Training sessions can involve physicians, mid-level providers and office staff. Educational topics may include:

  • Understanding the different categories of Evaluation and Management Services
  • How to apply the 1995 and 1997 Documentation Guidelines
  • General Principles of Chart Documentation

Coding resource

Have questions regarding CPT or ICD-10 codes? Have a confusing denial or provider compliance issue? We can help. Schenck’s auditors are available as an immediate or ongoing resource for coding and documentation issues.