Increased cash flow provides opportunities to grow your business. Open the door to possibilities.

What could you do with more cash in hand? By freeing up money that you would have paid in income taxes today, you can reinvest in your business, pay down debt or make purchases without hitting your line of credit. Turn to the cost segregation specialists at Schenck to find out how you may be able to do just that.

Taking advantage of eligible tax deductions sooner than later provides you with a cash flow benefit—a concept that can be achieved by conducting a cost segregation study.

Whether your building is newly constructed, purchased, expanded or remodeled, the building’s assets and their costs may be reclassified with a shorter depreciation schedule, accelerating a portion of the total depreciation into shorter time periods. It’s a way to increase your current cash flow by accelerating federal and state depreciation deductions. Cost segregation studies also ensure you’re in compliance with IRS regulations regarding proper recording of assets.

Contact Schenck’s experienced cost segregation team

With the breadth of resources in our accounting firm, you’ll find all the technical expertise you need in one stop, from construction to accounting and tax. Schenck’s cost segregation specialists use time-tested construction cost analysis techniques backed up by tax law, regulations, court cases and thorough research to bring you a comprehensive, cost-effective report. We’re concerned about your bottom line and help you evaluate the cost of a study in relation to the benefit it provides.

Should you need it, we are experienced in representing clients before the IRS and stand ready to support our work. If your cost segregation project is audited, we can provide support at the audit and engineer level to uphold our studies and maintain the amount of deductions available. In addition, our understanding of the maintenance and repair regulations means you have a team who is current on the newest and most important compliance issues.

When you’re ready to learn more about how a cost segregation study can help you, contact the team at Schenck. A cost segregation study provides details you need for:

  • Understanding how to apply the new repair and maintenance regulations
  • Appealing property tax assessments
  • Addressing estate tax issues, potentially reducing estate taxes in certain cases

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