Do your dealership operations need a tune up?

Even the best accounting processes can fall by the wayside. When you’re ready to make an immediate impact, consider a consultation with Schenck’s half-day Dealership Check-up.

Our dealership specialists identify ways to improve your financial operations and enhance your dealership’s profitability and efficiency by:

  • Evaluating your accounting department and ensuring that internal systems work properly
  • Reviewing your monthly dealer financials to improve your service and front-end procedures
  • Finding ways to increase your service absorption percentage
  • Determining how you can generate enough gross profit in your parts, service and body shop departments to nearly cover your operating and fixed expenses
  • Providing assistance with streamlining your year-end LIFO, tax planning and preparation, financial statements, payroll and DOC Reports

Dealership specialists with more than 25 years of combined private industry experience are here to help you prepare monthly financial statements, assist in a complete walk-through of your internal accounting functions and duties, establish payroll plans and provide sales tax consulting.