Accelerate profitability and growth with support from the Dealership team at Schenck.

Finding the right people to do the work at your dealership. Maintaining an adequate used vehicle inventory. Meeting your working capital guidelines. At Schenck, we understand the challenges that keep you up at night because we’ve dealt with them ourselves.

The Schenck Dealership team is made up of specialists with decades of real dealership experience. So we don’t just talk the talk when it comes to understanding and resolving your challenges. We’ve walked the walk.

That’s why so many automotive, heavy-duty truck, recreational and implement dealers—from small rural dealerships to large and complex dealership groups—turn to Schenck. From trusted accounting services to solid business advice on issues ranging from floor plans to hiring to software, we have the services and answers you need. We can help you grow your business, increase your profitability and even sleep a little better at night.

Accomplish your goals faster.

Schenck has a proven track record of helping dealerships succeed because we go beyond traditional accounting and auditing services to offer strategic resolutions to specific business challenges. Whatever your goals for your business, we can help you create a plan for reaching them.

Talk to our specialists for help with:

  • Creating HR strategies for employee recruitment and retention
  • Planning and managing inventory
  • Managing cash flow and meeting working capital guidelines
  • Optimizing floor planning
  • Benchmarking performance against other dealerships and optimizing operations to achieve greater success
  • Transitioning the business to the next generation of owners
  • Leveraging technology to improve business processes
  • Structuring buy/sell agreements
  • Structuring leasing companies, buyer/payer companies and reinsurance companies
  • Retaining customers after a vehicle sale
  • Creating customer loyalty programs that really work

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