Tax Central Alert: Wisconsin child sales tax rebate available through July 2

May 2, 2018

Eligible Wisconsin residents can claim a $100-per-child tax rebate through July 2, 2018.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed the Wisconsin Child Tax Rebate into law on April 17, 2018. U.S. citizens who reside in Wisconsin are eligible to receive $100 for every dependent child living at home who was born before January 1, 2018 and was under the age of 18 as of December 31, 2017. It is a rebate for sales tax paid or purchases made for raising a dependent in 2017.

Schenck will not be filing for the rebate for our clients unless specifically instructed to do so.

Claim the tax rebate online or via phone

You can claim the one-time rebate by visiting the state Department of Revenue (DOR) website at or calling 608-266-5437 through July 2, 2018.

When submitting the claim, you will need to provide your (and your spouse’s) Social Security number along with the Social Security number and date of birth for each eligible child. Rebate money will be sent before school starts this fall either through a check in the mail or direct deposit.

Instructions for claiming the tax rebate on the DOR website

Visit the Wisconsin DOR website at Click on the red button, Start Here.

Note: For security, the application times out after 30 minutes and any unsaved information will be lost.

Provide your name, Social Security number and date of birth, along with your residency and marital status as of December 31, 2017.

If you indicate that you were married on December 31, 2017, you will also be asked to provide your spouse’s name and Social Security number. Note that only one person can claim each qualified child.

Provide your address and click the Verify Address button.

A new window will pop up that includes the completed address fields. Near the bottom, you will be given the option to select your address as entered or use the verified address, which often includes the ZIP +4 Code. Once your address has been verified, you will receive a green “Address Verified” confirmation near the bottom of the webpage.

Click Next.

Enter your dependent’s name, Social Security number and date of birth. You’ll also need to answer three questions regarding their citizenship, dependency and residency status.

Once you fill in all fields for the first dependent, a new column will appear that allows you to enter information for a second, if applicable (and subsequently, additional children). Use the Tab key on your keyboard to create a column for another dependent if it does not automatically pop up. Just start typing in the first field of the next column to input information for another dependent.

Once you’ve entered all dependents, click Next.

In the next window, you’ll see the rebate amount is automatically populated based on the number of dependents entered (in the example below, two dependents were entered, so the total is 200.00).

You’ll be asked to select the rebate method from a dropdown menu. Your options are to select Direct Deposit or Check by Mail. If you would prefer direct deposit, you will also need to provide the routing number and account number from your bank.

Click Next.

Verify that the information you provided is correct by entering your name. Click Next.

A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm you’re not a robot. Click in the box and then click Agree.

After verifying you’re not a robot, you’ll receive a confirmation screen that includes your confirmation number, the date submitted and rebate amount. You’ll also be provided the option to print your confirmation. If additional information is needed, the Wisconsin DOR will contact you via letter.


Visit the Department of Revenue website to view answers to common questions about the Child Tax Rebate. If you have additional questions, you can contact the DOR at or 608-266-KIDS (5437).

For more information or assistance reviewing your specific tax situation, please contact your Schenck representative or another member of the Tax team at 800-236-2246.

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