Health Care Reform and Coverage for Immigrants: Helpful Resources

January 8, 2014

Understanding Health Care Reform and the associated marketplace eligibility, enrollment periods, and cost sharing reductions is complex and challenging in general. These issues become even more complex for individuals who are immigrants, and for organizations that employ a large number of immigrants, such as the agriculture industry.

A valuable resource for understanding the complex issues for immigrants regarding the marketplace and cost sharing reductions is the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Frequently Asked Questions about Health Reform. The FAQs address items such as what programs immigrants can enroll in, who can buy coverage in the marketplace, who is eligible for marketplace premium tax credits and other tax sharing reductions, considerations for families with mixed immigration status, verification of status, the impact of obtaining citizenship, undocumented immigrants, and the definition of a U.S. Citizen and lawfully present immigrant.

Those who employ agricultural workers may find the Kaiser Family Foundation’s section of FAQs relating to the agriculture industry to be helpful. Here you will find valuable information with respect to who is required to have health insurance, migrant seasonal workers, who you are required to provide health benefits to, and specific considerations for determining if you are a “large” employer for the purposes of Health Care Reform.

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