Sage 100/100cloud tips and tricks: Period End Report printing

April 17, 2018|Jenny Searl

Dive into these tips for using Period End Report printing efficiently.

Before running Period End Processing in each Sage 100/100cloud module, use Period End Report Selection to select exactly which reports you would like to print or send to paperless. You can set multiple reports or financial report groups to automatically print during period-end or year-end processing.

In the Period End menu of each module, there is a Period End Report Selection task (this is not available for modules that have not been rewritten in the current framework). When you perform period-end processing, only the reports selected in Period End Report Selection are available for printing. Sage created a predefined set of reports for each module but you can add and remove reports to the list to meet your needs.

Below is the default list of reports set up for the Inventory Management module.

To remove a report, highlight the specific Report Name and click the red X delete button in the upper right.

To add new reports, click into the last row (where no Report Name is yet listed) and then use the Lookup button to pick the report you would like to add.

Period End Report selection fields

Report name

Click the Lookup button to select a report to print during period-end processing.

Report setting

Click the Lookup button to list all financial report groups or report settings.

  • The Report Setting displays the report setting or financial report group to print during period end processing. By default, the Standard report setting or report group is displayed for the predefined reports. You can set up a report setting for each report with options and selection criteria for period-end and year-end reporting purposes.
  • For financial reports, the Standard report group includes the Standard Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows reports. You can set up a financial report group in the Financial Report Group Maintenance window in the General Ledger module.


Enter the number of copies to print for each report or financial report group. The number of copies displayed is the number saved with the report setting or financial group. Changing the number of copies here does not affect the saved report setting.

Saved printer

Select this check box to use the printer saved with the selected report or financial report group. If the saved printer is not valid for the workstation performing period-end processing, the report or report group will be printed using the printer selected in the Period End Reports window during period-end processing. The saved printer for the report or report group can be an email, export, fax, deferred or an actual printer. Clear this check box to print the report or report group using the printer selected in the Period End Reports window.

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