Tips and tricks—Sage 100

August 7, 2017|Jenny Searl

Print versus Preview of journals and register

Make sure your Sage 100/100c users are selecting the Print button and not the Preview button when printing any journals or registers. With Paperless Office functionality turned on for Journals and Registers, when the user selects the Print button, Sage 100/100c will create the PDF document and display it on the users’ screen in a PDF reader window. The user is then prompted to update the journal or register and they can choose a response after they have reviewed the PDF.

When selecting Print, Sage automatically saves the PDF document to the paperless directory on the server. That document can then be reviewed at any later time by going to Paperless Office module, Main menu and Journals and Register Viewer. If the user selects the Preview button instead of Print, the PDF is never created. It simply brings up the document for review in a Sage preview window so there is no audit trail.

To ensure that your users are choosing Print to create the PDF history, you can modify security settings:

  • In Role Maintenance, select the appropriate role and go to the Security Events tab.
  • Within each module that has any journals or registers, there's an option titled “Allow Updating of Journals from Preview.” Be sure to uncheck that option for all roles and all modules.

With this option unchecked, the users will not get prompted to update the journal or register if they select the Preview button. They will have to go back to the journal or register and select the Print button to be allowed to update. If you have any questions or would like a Schenck representative to review your role security settings, please contact the Sage 100 Help Desk at 920-996-1202.

Jenny Searl is a software specialist and is experienced in installing, implementing and supporting Sage 100 software, Sage 100 Advanced software and Crystal Reports programs.