Sage 100 will support Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting for 2015

August 6, 2015|Jenny Searl

Sage has published a document containing several detailed screen captures and explanations of how the Sage 100 Payroll module will change to accommodate the new ACA (Affordable Care Act) rules which go into effect for many at the end of 2015. Please consult your tax advisor for guidance on how these rules may apply to your company.

The Sage 100 Payroll Team continues to monitor the IRS site for changes to the forms and/or requirements and will release a solution to help assist you in meeting the reporting requirements once the government releases their finalized forms.

Sage’s current plan is to release this enhancement in product updates for Sage 100 ERP versions 4.50, 2013(5.0), 2014(5.1) and 2015(5.2) only. Dates below are approximate because we are still waiting on the IRS to release the final form versions.

  • 2014 PU5 - Released March 30, 2015 - Search KB 60428 to download & install 2014 PU5
  • 2015 PU1 - Released April 7, 2015 - Search KB 60763 to download & install 2015 PU1
  • 2013 PU9 - Date to be determined
  • 4.50 PU8 - Date to be determined

For this ACA reporting to pull your Payroll data correctly, you must select to Retain Perpetual Payroll History in Payroll Options prior to processing your first payroll in 2015.

Although these changes and screen shots are still subject to change, at this time, Sage anticipates this Product Update for Payroll will include the following:

New Crystal Report to help you determine if you qualify as an Applicable Large Employer (ALE) that is required to report on your compliance with providing affordable healthcare to your employees.

Currently, companies with 50+ full time and full time equivalent employees will be required to file a report in January 2016 (for tax year 2015). This report will provide options to report on the total number of employees, the number of full time employees, the number of full time equivalents (FTE), and the average number of hours worked by employee (per calendar month). The report will pull data stored in the perpetual history file (PR_23).

Note: If the option to Retain Perpetual Payroll History is not selected in Payroll Options (see steps above) no data will show on this report.

After the report prints, a prompt appears to update the ACA Employer Maintenance > Monthly Detail screen:


Here are the new interface screens that will be able to be accessed from a new Payroll menu task or from within Employee Maintenance for you to enter or import in the employee, employee's dependent(s) and health insurance offering data required on the forms:


Regardless of whether the employee has accepted your offer of coverage, monthly detail of the offer must be tracked for reporting purposes. The screen shot below presents how this information will be entered. The copy button can be used to streamline data entry.

When an employee has accepted your offer of coverage, you will be able enter the information needed for reporting purposes on the covered individuals. In the sample screen shot below, Jim got married in April and added his wife to his health insurance plan.

If you are reporting on more than one company and selected the Aggregated Group Indicator checkbox in the Monthly Details dialog, then the Other Members button will be enabled to allow entry of the additional companies (name and EIN) included in the report.

Watch for more information once the Sage updates are available.

Jenny Searl is a software specialist and is experienced in installing, implementing and supporting Sage 100 software, Sage 100 Advanced software and Crystal Reports programs.