Wisconsin unemployment taxes expected to decrease

November 1, 2017|Amy Bradley

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development recently announced that for 2018, experienced employers will use Schedule D rates (rate range from 0.00% to 12.00%) instead of Schedule C rates. Lower contribution rates are assigned to most of the reserve percentage tiers with Schedule D rates

In addition, the new employer rate for payroll under $500,000 will remain at 3.05%. For new employers with payroll of $500,000 or more, the rate will remain at 3.25%. New construction employers with payroll under $500,000 will be reduced to 3.75% in 2018 (4.40% in 2017) and new employers with payroll of $500,000 or more will be reduced to 3.90% in 2018 (4.55% in 2017).

The wage base will continue to be $14,000 in 2018.

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Amy Bradley, CPP, operations lead - payroll, is responsible for firm-wide research on payroll-related issues. Amy has 30 years of payroll experience, including work with multi-state and multi-employer payrolls.

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