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Preventing a digital home invasion

Your IT department takes many precautions to make sure company information is secure, but does that protection extend when you’re working from home? What about small businesses and entrepreneurs who may not have the luxury of an IT team? Take these steps to maintain your digital security.

The multifunction copier, printer, scanner and…data thief?

Cybersecurity is a major concern for businesses. Have you considered how your multifunction copier may put you at risk for a security breach? Think about the highly sensitive data sent to your printer on a daily basis—and what would happen if a hacker obtained it. Understand your vulnerabilities and follow these best practices to protect yourself.

No shirt, no shoes, no data?

The Internet of Things is creating a world where sensors are grabbing data at every turn. From your shoes to your car to your refrigerator… data is being collected on your habits and routines. So who owns that data? With countless entities that can benefit from the data being gathered, it’s critical to follow certain best practices.

Is your data being held hostage?

Imagine you’re just sitting there, surfing the web when a new window pops up. It looks innocent enough at first, but as you read the details you see that your data is being held hostage! Instances of ransomware are increasing at a tremendous pace, and the United States accounts for at least 50% of all attacks. And it seems no one is immune.

Give your password a workout…

We’re constantly bombarded with reminders to pump up and stay fit. But, have you considered the fitness of your computer security? Well, here’s your cue to think about it before you need to repair your credit or regain your identity at the hands of a malicious hacker.

Dealerships Need to Protect Their Data

Chances are you’ve heard about the importance of cyber security. The subject is making top headlines and it’s difficult to browse a news media website without seeing something about the threat of data breaches. Safeguarding the data in your dealerships goes beyond just your information systems, and failing to protect your data can have negative implications.