Information for identity theft victims

March 3, 2016

Unfortunately, identity theft is becoming all too common, especially with the filing of fraudulent federal and state income tax returns. This guide provides you with information you need to help you deal with identity theft:

  • Links to pages on the Internal Revenue Service and Wisconsin Department of Revenue websites that provide recommended guidance as to what your next steps should be
  • Links to forms you may need to complete

Both the IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue have programs in place to help them identify fraudulent returns. If the IRS or the Wisconsin Department of Revenue provides you specific direction to resolve an identity theft matter, please follow their instructions. In addition, you will want to check their website as to the other steps you should take.

If the IRS or state has contacted you, you may need to take action to notify the other governmental agency of the identity theft. For example, if the IRS contacts you about a fraudulent return filed for you, you will want to file a complaint with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection so that the Wisconsin Department of Revenue is notified. The IRS will also eventually notify the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. If you have a fraudulently filed Wisconsin return, you will want to notify the IRS via Form 14039.

Once a fraudulent return has been filed for you, it will not be possible for you to e-file a return for that year. The IRS will sometimes assign you a Personal Identification Number (PIN) so that you can e-file in the future. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue will have you go through an identification verification process when you file your returns in future years.

Identify theft victims are now able to get copies of the fraudulent returns filed in their names by contacting the IRS using the procedures discussed on the IRS website. →

The links below will take you directly to helpful resources from the IRS, Wisconsin Department of Revenue, and other government agencies:

IRS resources

Wisconsin resources

Federal Trade Commission