Transportation Industry Compensation Data: 2018

August 21, 2018|Anthony Faust

Are you feeling the driver shortage pinch? Compensation is one factor to consider in attracting strong performers.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat in this increasingly cutthroat market with our complimentary Transportation Industry Compensation Report. It provides insight to help you evaluate the competitiveness of your salaries for a number of common industry positions.

Schenck’s Trucking & Logistics Industry team summarizes salary data for a number of common job titles, offers job descriptions for many trucking-related positions and breaks down compensation for three regions within Wisconsin—Green Bay, Madison and Milwaukee.

Schenck’s Trucking & Logistics team

Of course, to operate your organization effectively you need to do more than just compensate your employees fairly. Get ahead faster with the Trucking & Logistics team at Schenck. Working with more than 250 trucking organizations throughout Wisconsin and beyond, we have assisted clients on many issues, including cost-per-mile analyses, per diems, insurance, minimizing alternative minimum tax, employee leasing, corporate structure, benchmarking, efficiency regulations and more. We’re also active members of the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association and the National Private Truck Council. So we’re tuned into the challenges you face and can help you find solutions and identify opportunities to improve your operations at every turn.

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