Dentistry 101: A Crash Course in All Things Dental for New Employees | Appleton

Mar 14 2018

Schenck SC Office, 200 E. Washington St., Appleton
8:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Allow us to assist in ramping up your newest hires, rather than leaving them to observe an already busy staff, who have little time left to devote to this important task.

Many dentists will hold off on hiring, rather than face this daunting process. Schenck's Dentistry 101 course is designed to educate your new staff on the profession quickly, so they can hit the ground running.

Let Schenck take the time to assist your newest team members so that they may be successful in learning in one day what often takes weeks or months to observe.

Items which will be covered during this session include:

• Basic terminology
• Specialties in dentistry
• Basic anatomy of the mouth
• Arches
• Anterior vs. posterior and the quadrants
• Different types of teeth
• Anatomy of a tooth
• Tooth letters, numbers and surfaces
• Review of the different types of hygiene services
• Periodontal disease: what it is, how it happens and how a hygienist can help
• Review of all restorative services, why they are recommended and how they are performed
• Amalgam vs composite material
• What exactly is a crown or a root canal?
• Different types of x-rays (PA, panoramic and bitewings), why each are taken and what the dentist might be looking for
• Anesthetic: block vs. infiltration
• Common abbreviations used in the dental office
• Things to never say in dentistry!
• Phone training and basic customer service techniques
• Questions that should be asked on an emergency call, and what the answers can mean

When that phone rings, your team members will conduct themselves as professionals, treat your patients the way you always hope they are treated and gain a great head start on a foundation that will benefit your patients and your practice for many years to come.


Schenck SC, 200 E. Washington Street, Appleton


8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


$250 per attendee


Contact Kendall Butler at 920-996-1356 or