Driving your financial success

Schenck’s Fleet Optimization process provides a systematic, data driven, industry specific approach for improving cash flow, improving CSA scores and increasing driver and fleet utilization.

Schenck’s Trucking & Logistics team will gather and analyze data in eight critical operating foundations. This provides the groundwork for our subsequent on-site discussions with company leadership, drivers and team members. Our team assesses your actual performance, translating critical operating data into key performance indicators to be analyzed against industry benchmarks.

We analyze these eight foundations:

  1. Organizational culture. Review your strategy, mission, culture, safety, risk management and policy effectiveness.
  2. Network planning. Find opportunities to enhance capacity management, fleet utilization, optimum dispatching and driver resources.
  3. Customer relations. Taking care of your customer and promoting your brand is essential for success.
  4. Fleet management. How well do you utilize your fleet?
  5. Information management. Today’s progressive trucking companies utilize real-time data capabilities to make strategic business decisions.
  6. Driver management. Quality driver management is essential. How well do you treat the most valuable asset of your company?
  7. Continuous improvement. Let’s think out of the box. Some of the greatest opportunities may simply involve changing the way we do things.
  8. Finance management. Cost management, tax strategy, use of capital are critical to achieving financial success.

The complete picture

Schenck will identify and target strengths and opportunities within your fleet operations which can lead to increased excellence and optimum efficiency.

We use surveys to capture detailed information and provide you with a comprehensive look at your operations:

  • Fleet Optimization Matrix
  • Recruiting and retention scoresheet
  • Tax strategy scoresheet