Build a more efficient organization with help from the Government team at Schenck.

The public depends on you to meet their needs. So how can you make the most of your limited resources? What’s the best way to elevate the services you provide? Schenck can help you identify and implement efficiencies that directly benefit the people you serve.

As a public entity, your accounting needs are unique. But while you might not be driven by profits or putting more dollars in your own pocket, you still have a vested interest in running an efficient organization so you can provide more and better services to the public.

The Government team at Schenck is exclusively committed to meeting the specific financial needs of public entities like yours. We work closely with hundreds of organizations including counties, municipalities, school districts, utilities and sanitary districts throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, some of which we’ve been serving for nearly 50 years. So we know the challenges you face. We fully understand your complex financial reporting needs. And we have the experience and team you can trust to help your organization succeed.

Beyond auditing and accounting, we help your organization evolve.

Schenck can and does help you clearly and accurately report how funds flow through your organization. But beyond traditional accounting services, we provide practical suggestions and ideas to improve operations. We help you formalize policies, trim costs and structure your organization to become more efficient and financially stable. We can assist with implementing process improvements and managing change. Ultimately, we help create an organization that can address increasing needs with fewer resources so that you are positioned to continue serving the public for generations to come.

Turn to our Government team for help with:

  • Financial and compliance audits
  • Completing GASB-compliant financial statements
  • Internal control reviews of organizations and departmental operations
  • Utility rate studies
  • Identifying key performance indicators and evaluating organizational performance
  • Benchmarking past and current performance
  • Balancing the budget and identifying opportunities for cost savings
  • Leveraging information technology to drive organizational efficiencies



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