Get solid advice for managing cost volatility and growing your grain business’s bottom line.

Commodity price fluctuation and hedging are everyday concerns for your operation. Challenges like low milk prices, small farms going out of business and an aging population of farmers affect the entire industry. At Schenck, we understand what you’re going through and can give you the support you need.

The grain specialists on the Agriculture & Food Processing team at Schenck know exactly how challenging it can be to maintain a profitable operation when your business relies so heavily on fluctuating commodity prices. Especially as your feed mill or grain services organization looks to grow and expand, you need solid advice for controlling the costs you can, and for managing the volatility of those you can’t.

On both fronts, the Schenck team provides advice and recommendations you can trust.

Reduce your tax liability by taking advantage of available exemptions and credits.

The Schenck team stays on top of ever-changing tax codes and laws and how they directly impact feed mills engaged in preparing animal and livestock feed. We’ve helped grain businesses become classified as manufacturers, saving them thousands of tax dollars in the process.

We can help make sure your business takes the right steps to benefit from all available tax savings, including:

  • Wisconsin sales and use tax exemptions on the purchase of machinery and equipment used in manufacturing or farming processes, including mobile units, grain dryers, fertilizer applicators and various other equipment
  • Wisconsin sales and use tax exemptions for fuel and electricity consumed in the grain drying process
  • Fuel tax refunds on fuel burned while unloading feed to customers
  • Wisconsin Manufacturing and Agricultural Credit for grain businesses classified as manufacturers
  • Personal property tax savings

Manage your costs with timely advice.

Your Schenck advisors are important business partners in managing all aspects of your financial picture. Beyond preparing financial statements and filing tax returns, Schenck can help with:

  • General advice and consulting on hedging activities and pricing strategies to best manage commodity price volatility and your inventory costs
  • Strategies for improving your financial ratios to reduce annual licensing fees and net other bottom line benefits for your business
  • Collateral verification services and grain inventory measurements needed to secure lines of credit