Protecting patient information and ensuring privacy is a big responsibility. It helps to have someone looking out for you.

Covered entities are now under audit; your organization has to be prepared or can face large fines for each offense.

Managing sensitive health and financial information is no easy task. And with the push to adopt electronic health records, transmitting this information electronically opens you up to additional risks, including potential data breaches and patient identity theft. Schenck’s HIPAA security services help protect your facility’s security and long-term success.

HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules support a patient’s data privacy protections, give individuals rights to their health information and strengthen the government’s ability to enforce the law. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act addresses the use of health information technology, including privacy and security concerns related to electronic transmission.

As a health care provider, health plan administrator, health care clearing house, county government or social services organization—or a business associate of one of these organizations—now is the time to ensure your organization is HIPAA and HITECH compliant to reduce your risk of legal liabilities and substantial penalties.

Proactively address your HIPAA and HITECH compliance concerns

Schenck’s IT risk assessment exposes gaps that could make you vulnerable to a security breach and a HIPAA violation. Our team reviews your potential compliance gaps, and then develops security compliance plans and processes, including customized tools and templates to get you started. We’re well versed in the latest readiness models for determining both HIPAA and HITECH compliance, and can help you get the job done in a timely period—especially when you may not have the internal resources to tackle the challenge.

The need to be proactive has never been more real. Contact Schenck’s technology risk services specialists for assistance with:

  • Reviewing current HIPAA Security Rule and HITECH compliance gaps: We’ll help define the project scope and develop an in-depth understanding of your data, processes and systems. After our review, we’ll provide both an executive summary and a technical analysis of your current compliance state.
  • Developing security compliance plans and processes: Based on your risk profile, we’ll develop recommendations for all pertinent HIPAA security safeguards and customize tools and templates to jump-start your compliance efforts.
  • Implementing HIPAA security and HITECH compliance plans: We create and guide you through a detailed compliance implementation plan. Get the help you need preparing policies, procedures and training on the compliance plan, all while considering your practice’s future business and technology objectives.