While you’re thinking about meeting your customers’ needs, the Hospitality & Retail team at Schenck is focused on meeting yours.

You want to grow your business. But staffing issues, cash flow constraints and regulatory restrictions can be big hurdles to overcome. You need a partner who understands your challenges and who delivers an integrated approach to help you solve them.

The Schenck Hospitality & Retail team works with hundreds of different clients, including restaurants, wineries, breweries, hotels, golf courses, grocery stores and convenience stores throughout the state. So no matter what types of financial or operational challenges you’re facing, we’ve likely seen—and solved—them before. You benefit from our extensive experience and our commitment to focusing on your industry’s unique accounting, tax and business optimization needs.

Don’t just report your business results. Improve them.

Our CPAs will work with you to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting and to keep you up to date on your tax situation. But we do more than prepare your financial statements and file your returns. We’ll explain exactly what they mean. And we’ll work with you to identify opportunities for tax savings, improved profitability and greater efficiencies in your operations. So those financial reports will keep looking better year after year.

When you want more than just a CPA, trust the Schenck Hospitality & Retail team to assist with:

  • Human resources issues, including hiring, training and retaining employees, along with understanding the implications of labor- and employment-related laws
  • Analyzing your business performance using key profit indicators and industry benchmarks
  • Implementing strategies to identify areas for cost savings and improving cash flow
  • Developing strategies for controlling inventory and reducing theft
  • Choosing and implementing the right software to streamline and improve your operations
  • Understanding and complying with your industry’s sales tax laws

Schenck is a proud member of:

Schenck is a member of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association

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