The Schenck Not-For-Profit team helps sustain and strengthen your organization. So you can keep supporting our communities.

Individuals and corporations have hundreds of options when deciding where to make charitable gifts, and competition for those contributions is only increasing. At the same time, your services are as much in demand as they have ever been. How can you help your organization expand when resources are stretched thin?

At Schenck, our Not-For-Profit team is much more than a resource for audits, internal control reviews, and filing federal and state information returns. We’ve also helped hundreds of not-for-profit organizations become more efficient and successful at fulfilling their mission by consulting on issues that go far beyond traditional accounting.

We provide practical advice on everything from attracting new talent, to leveraging technology, to complying with HIPAA regulations. We aim to be an affordable, invaluable resource to organizations that don’t have the time or staff to take on human resources, technology or other operational improvement initiatives alone. By handling these efforts for you, and building a more efficient, financially sound and capable organization, we can help you do your critical work more effectively.

Work with people who are as committed to the community as you are.

The specialists at Schenck have a unique understanding and appreciation for what you do because we do it, too. Our people commit more than 15,000 hours a year to community service. So we’re not just the professionals you trust for accounting, assurance and business advice—we’re the people rolling up our sleeves and working next to you to make our communities better places to live.

Turn to our Not-For-Profit team for help with:

  • Effectively managing donated and government funding
  • Clearly and accurately reporting how funds flow through your organization
  • Structuring your organization to achieve long-term financial stability
  • Identifying and measuring the key performance indicators that make a difference to your bottom line
  • Providing proactive federal and state tax planning and compliance services, including information return reporting
  • Understanding and minimizing the tax implications of different activities
  • Assuring compliance with IRS regulations and assisting with IRS audits
  • Identifying and leveraging technology solutions that can streamline and improve operations
  • Developing strategies for succession planning and attracting new talent to the organization