Finding additional avenues for optimizing your business. Now doesn’t that sound good?

Could you achieve the same or greater output at a lower, more competitive cost? Find opportunities for increasing efficiencies and revenues with the Operations Consulting team at Schenck.

When your business is running at an optimal level, you create a great place to work, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen your market presence. More important, you provide additional value to your customers. Our Operations Consulting team helps you find ways to streamline your business and reduce complexities, creating efficiencies and potentially reducing costs in the process.

Lean and so much more

We look at key business metrics, such as cycle time, on-time delivery and product line profitability, to implement strategies to achieve your business objectives. Schenck’s Operations Consulting team has operations experience on the shop floor and in the office in areas such as:

  • Lean/Six-Sigma & Continuous Improvement
  • Outsourced COO
  • Profitability analysis
  • Data analytics, metrics and dashboards
  • Working capital reduction
  • Scheduling and capacity planning

Our operations consultants don’t just look at your project’s starting and stopping point. We’re focused on a continuum of improving operations, all while coaching and training your employees to create sustainable change—imparting our knowledge throughout the process at a pace with which you’re comfortable.

Discover your business capabilities with an operations assessment

Having an operations assessment helps you identify key opportunities for savings and efficiencies within your organization. We begin by learning about your company’s goals and objectives. Then we spend time on your shop floor and walk through your operations to analyze its performance, looking at turn time, quality, flow, cost, work in process, inventory and more.

We identify which improvements will have the greatest impact—at the lowest cost—so you know where to invest resources for the fastest results. Enhance your business performance by:

  • Looking for new solutions to long-term problems
  • Understanding key business drivers, strategic direction and customer focus
  • Identifying ways to add consistency
  • Creating a plan to positively affect your key performance indicators
  • Implementing formal practices, including policies and guidelines to ensure new processes are followed well into the future
  • Instituting mechanisms to track and quantify results
  • Analyzing the entire supply chain for additional opportunities
  • Identifying ways robotics can increase efficiencies and augment your current workforce
  • Improving order processing for better production planning and tracking
  • Developing performance metrics and display dashboards
  • Conducting data analysis for predictive analytics and integrating with a high performing strategy
  • Optimizing operations to reduce costs, increase product throughput and decrease customer lead time