Running a successful practice involves more than just treating patients. Let us help you manage the business side of medicine.

When you need someone who understands your practice, the industry—and the myriad of external forces upon it—turn to the Health Care Services team at Schenck. We know more than just accounting and taxes. Our deep understanding of operations, reimbursement, documentation and business and strategic planning will help your practice succeed.

Physicians everywhere are facing new demands related to health care reform, declining reimbursement, complying with regulatory concerns and addressing quality scores—all while still delivering quality patient care. When you’re trying to enhance your revenue in the midst of declining government and third party reimbursement, you may need help beyond your tax returns to look at your overall financial and operational strategies. That’s when the health care consultants at Schenck can give you the guidance you need.

Keep your practice in top form

Work with Schenck’s health care consultants to diagnose the areas where inefficiencies exist in your practice and then look at the opportunities in your everyday routine to make your practice more productive. We can help you compare to industry benchmarks and best practices standards, including review of:

Strategic planning and business plan development

Strategic planning and developing a clear business plan can help you step back, take stock of your current situation and make adjustments where necessary to build the future of your practice. When you need guidance to move you through the ups and downs of business, work together with Schenck’s health care consultants for the experienced perspective and insight to:

  • Identify the strengths and goals of your practice, and what process to take to reach those goals
  • Determine the core values held by all key stakeholders
  • Gain understanding and synergy around common values and goals, understanding the issues from everyone’s perspective
  • Develop a business plan to provide specific, measurable goals and objectives—financial and otherwise
  • Identify strategies to achieve your objectives, including timelines and responsibilities

Managing business relationships with other health care entities

Whether you’re looking to grow your independent practice or you’re seeking affiliations to provide a better balance between your professional and personal lives, trust the knowledgeable guidance from Schenck’s team to assist you in:

  • Setting up or running an independent practice
  • Building business relationships whether you’re looking to add an associate, expand or merge your practice with another
  • Developing or modifying your physician–hospital relationships from considering hospital employment to putting together employment arrangements that maximize front end value and ongoing compensation
  • Understanding the implications of joint ventures , real estate opportunities and other business opportunities